Monday, December 5, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nov 30th

10 days I will be graduating TSTC... with an Assoicates in Business Accounting. Just want to say I am super excited!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Friends and Family of Fountain Gate Fellowship

Just to let you all know that FountainGate Fellowship Church now has a blog go to my followed people and follow FGF....

Thanks Guys

Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Stuff 7/1/2011

I don't blog much since I am in 3 classes that i have to write all the time each week I have at least 2 written things from each class. but here I feel safe in putting some feelings out there on here.
last night we get a text message from Shaina saying her mom is flipping out, I tell her we are on our way to come get them. I get a call from Casey's phone it is Sapphire (Davids middle Child) crying telling me her mom is flipping out. then the phone hangs up. Well we hall butt to Abilene from Clyde, not sure what we are walking into or what is going on. So we get their my daughter Casey is on the crib so mad she is crying. Now understand Casey has a mouth on her; as my father would say that over loads her ass.... (of course she comes by it naturally I have a mouth on me as well). The girls mom went off on Casey and said some really mean things about me and David. Needless to say while she, the girls mom, was going off she was in Casey's face (something Casey hates) yelling at her, calling me and her all kinds of names Casey said the girls mom drew back like she was going to hit Casey and Casey was all to waiting for that. But instead she made Casey leave. Which in the end was better. I got to talk to Casey about how to handle people talking like that. it is only words they hurt that is for sure but words of someone like that does not make you who you are or who you are going to be. But Casey was still pissed about all the mean and hateful things the girls mom said about me. Casey told me, "Mom I am not stuipd I remember all the crap you and David went though with her," she said that she also remembered at the beginning david and I were just friends two people with crazy ex's getting a divorce. Mine personally was further along then his was. Anyways back to last night...
So waiting outside the girls moms house for 2 hours waiting on Shaina to come out. ( i did text every so often to make sure she was okay) They were talking she said. Grandpa and the girls and their mom. All I could do is pray God would cover there ears to all the manipulation the 2 adults were vomiting out of there mouths. Also Sapphire has been staying in this little house for like 2 months alone. her mom shows up every so often to get clothes or something. Sapphire can do what ever she wants there is no parental subdivision.
After we got home I talked to Casey a bit and David talked to Shaina.
David told Shaina he was sorry he was not strong enough to stay in that situation to protect them, he was sorry they had to go though all this crap they should have never seen or heard. And that if she needs to talk we are here. He was not going to push this issue with her. I think she feels better. Sapphire on the other hand she does not want to live with her mom, dad, grandpa, or grandma. She is so tired of all the drama from all sides she is staying with some friends for a few days to "figure things out"
The sad thing is Sapphire is the most hurt in all this story from the beginning she has been effected the most. Sapphire has a strong will she has her senior year she is looking for work she wants out. Sapphire has cared for her mom for years now the manipulation her mom gives her that her mom needs her to help care for her since she is "sick" (uncontrolled diabetic-). Sapphire has her own health issues she needs to worry about. but you know MOM needs to worry more about her daughters health rather than running around town with the new boyfriend.
I actually agree with Sapphire I think if I was 17, I would continue and get my High School Diploma and I would get the heck out of Dodge. I can say at least these girls have not gone and turned there attention to boys they have put there heads into books and they know to get out of where they are at they need to get an education.
Guess in everything you have to see the light in a dark situation.
I do hate Drama... it is horrible and only the kids get hurt when you as a parent act a fool... this women has acted a fool for 8 years that i know of. She thinks we are to blame, I don't even get that how can I be to blame for her acting like a fool, not caring for her children. She started it 8 years or so ago when she kicked David out and he was living with his friend from work Frank. She would hold those kids over Davids head tell him all kinds of crap. She would not let him see them for long periods of time.
You know we forgave and spoke blessing over her along ago and I know now I have to stand back and pray for her. Pray that someone sees she needs help Pray that God would show her that she is in need of some medicine she is very bipolar.
Okay I am done rambling... :) Have a great day

Thursday, April 28, 2011

APRIL 28, 2011

Well I completed my Economics text last night I passed it which brought my average to 71.75 out of 100 points. I am very happy. Tomorrow I take my Advance Excel test and my Math. Which I have to make a 60 on the math to pass the class. I know by the grace of God I can do that. Excel I am not to worried about it.
I have summer and fall then I am done with school. I am so super excited on finishing. This is such a big accomplishment for me as an adult to complete such a big task.
I am worried about my daughter Casey she has no drive she hates being at home, she does not have any drive to find a job get her drivers licence. Nothing. I am praying about what to do. I pray that God lights a fire under neath her.
Well I guess I will write more later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

weight in Monday

so last week I looked back and I was 294... THIS WEEK 292 WOW... Thank you JESUS I said. I have not exercised this week at all I have actually sat at this computer and did home work. But I have cut down on my food intake and I drink un-sweet TEA and no soda...
WOW... what cutting your food intake and no sodas will do for you. I feel better knowing that I am losing but I know I would feel even better if I was exercising.

Friday, January 22, 2010


So this week I am PROUD TO SAY, David and I paid off 2 monthly bills totaling about $1,300. I am so excited about that...
Thank you to Becky for starting your blog to encourage others to get debit free...
We are getting closer to our goal of having one free check a month, and it is only January